Listen in as I talk to Leah Stavenhagen, 28, about her ALS journey and the “In Her ALS Shoes” movement she created. “I was an active 26-year-old so why did I feel like my feet couldn’t quite keep up? She couldn’t find my knee-jerk reflex and suggested that I visit a neurologist. Naively, I didn’t…

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Hear from 4 inspirational ALS warriors who are in the fight of their life as they live with ALS, a terminal illness that has no cure. In honor of ALS Awareness Month and New York Yankees #4 Lou Gehrig, I catch up with 4 people living with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) who are living the…

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In this episode, I chat with 28-year old Kanya Sesser. Born with no legs in Thailand and found on the side of the road, Kanya lets us know how to live fully and without regrets. Kanya Sesser was born in 1992 and abandoned on the side of the road in Pak Chong Thailand as a…

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Listen in on this intimate conversation with Lynne and Augie Nieto about commitment, love and resilience. I imagine you’ve never heard a love story quite like this one. Here I chat with Augie Nieto, the successful fitness industry mogul behind Lifecycle and Life Fitness who was diagnosed with ALS in 2005 and his wife, Lynne.…

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Here I catch up with Juliana Fetherman, 24, who was inspired by her brother to help those with special needs make friends. So many of us have been feeling extremely isolated during this pandemic. My guest, Juliana Fetherman knows that feeling alone on a daily basis is common for some. Her brother, Michael has both…

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