Today I chat with 13 year old Samirah Horton, aka DJ Annie Red who uses her music to spread an anti-bullying message..

In this episode I catch up with Award Winning DJ Samirah Horton, also known as DJ Annie Red. Samirah is a 13 year old DJ, Rapper, Author, Motivational Speaker and Anti-Bullying Activist from Brooklyn, New York. From the age of 6, Samirah was picked on by her peers for the things that made her different—her raspier voice, her unique sense of style, and her unwavering confidence in herself. The way she decided to fight back was to use her love of music and make sure other kids knew they weren’t alone. Now she’s combining her musical talents and her antibullying platform to reach kids across the country. As she DJ's to a variety of audiences, her favorites to play include hip-hop classics as well as her own antibullying anthem “No You Won’t Bully Me.” Samirah has been recognized nationally as, Time Kid of the Year Finalist, H&M Kids Role Model, the President's Award 2022 and more. DJ Annie Red is having a blast being the Kid Resident DJ at the Brooklyn Nets, playing basketball and creating more ways to get her positive message out in the world. I'm excited to share this amazing teen with you. Listen in and meet, DJ Annie Red!

Hugs, Lorri

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