In this episode, I chat with 28-year old Kanya Sesser. Born with no legs in Thailand and found on the side of the road, Kanya lets us know how to live fully and without regrets.

Kanya Sesser was born in 1992 and abandoned on the side of the road in Pak Chong Thailand as a baby. Kanya is now a professional skateboarder, surfer, actress, model, motivational speaker and activist. She may have had a rough start in life but now she is showing us that all things are truly possible. This young lady is strong, wise amd won't let anything stop her. We had a great chat about how she is fueled with such energy and a positive attitude to live out her “No Legs, No Limits” motto. She has such a great outlook on life and shares it with her friends, family, boyfriend and many audiences. Kanya is determined to lead an ordinary life with an extraordinary zest for it. She has appeared in “Hawaii Five-0”, “Walking Dead” and “The Fear of The Walking Dead.” I'm so excited to share this conversation. Make sure to follow Kanya on her instagram @kanyasesser. If you are touched by her story, please share this episode and spread the good vibes.
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Hugs, Lorri

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On Friday the 13th, February 2004 at the age of 37, I was told I have ALS. I’m dying from ALS, yet I’m so encouraged to live life to the fullest. I’ve been inspired by so much to stay focused on the positive. I’m dying to tell you about what gives me strength, makes me smile and keeps me hopeful – in hopes of inspiring you too!


  1. Kevin George on September 13, 2022 at 4:03 pm

    Hello I’m Kevin I live in Oregon I just lost my legs I idol you I wish I could meet you you went to school in Oregon my mom knows who you are she was a teacher in the school you went to I’m adopted also seeing you it makes me keep going thank you

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