Former ESPN host, Emmy Award-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author, Kate Fagan and I chat about her latest book: All the Colors Came Out. It is an unforgettable, beautifully written memoir about the love between a father and a daughter.

Listen in as Kate Fagan shares her motivation for her beautiful love story about her relationship with her father, Chris Fagan. Kate opens up about their special relationship that was built on the basketball court together and how that grew complicated over the years until they eventually grew apart. Kate talks about when her father was diagnosed with ALS, she knew she had to make changes to help rebuild their special bond. Leaving a high-profile job at ESPN to be closer to her mother and father and take part in his care, Kate spent the last year of her father’s life determined to return to him the kind of joy they once shared on the court. I admire Kate's courage to write this book and to share the highs and lows of her relationship and life with ALS. Our chat reminds me to keep my focus on relationships, to forgive and to rebuild them before it's too late. I hope you'll check out her book, All The Colors Came Out. Thank you for listening and sharing with a friend.

Hugs, Lorri

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On Friday the 13th, February 2004 at the age of 37, I was told I have ALS. I’m dying from ALS, yet I’m so encouraged to live life to the fullest. I’ve been inspired by so much to stay focused on the positive. I’m dying to tell you about what gives me strength, makes me smile and keeps me hopeful – in hopes of inspiring you too!

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