Couplehood in Tough Times: Maria Aleandra and Julian Rodriguez

Here I talk to Maria Aleandra and Julian Rodriguez about how they’re navigating all the different shifts of life including ALS. Maria Aleandra and Julian Rodriquez are a young married couple navigating life through entrepreneurship, ALS, parenthood, and all the ups and downs of life together. Julian, 37, has a terminal disease, ALS, so together…

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Andrea Peet, 50 Marathons in 50 States with ALS

Here I chat with Andrea Peet and her husband, Dave Peet. Andrea’s been on a journey to become the first person with ALS to complete 50 marathons in 50 states. So excited to introduce you to Andrea & Dave Peet. Andrea was diagnosed with ALS at 33 years old. Now at 40, she is super…

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Exemplifying Love, Hope, Faith & Joy through Adversity

Here I reintroduce you to four 2021 guests and highlight how they are able to see love, hope, faith and joy in their darkest days. I randomly selected four guests from 2021 for this episode and together their stories show us how it really is possible to focus on the good stuff when life seems…

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Inspiration behind “HumanKind” with Brad Aronson

Here I chat with Brad Aronson who shares incredible true stories about how one small deed can make a world of difference. Listen in to how this amazing National Bestseller, HumanKind came to be. Brad Aronson is a husband, dad, entrepreneur, mentor and volunteer. After Brad’s wife, Mia, was diagnosed with leukemia Brad spent most…

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